Piano Repair Service in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Your piano is a delicate instrument. It requires proper care and maintenance to produce a beautiful timbre and play responsively as you tickle the ivories.

No matter what type of piano you have or how many years of play its seen, The Piano Practice will deliver the essential services required to maintain it. Or, if time hasn’t been kind to it, let us restore it to its former glory!

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  • Piano tuning:

    Piano tuning in Rhode Island is an essential part of keeping your instrument sounds its best. We overlook nothing when it comes to giving your piano a complete tuning, including pitch, voicing, regulation and more. Our technicians have extensive formal training in proper tuning and adjustment, and we use only the best equipment to ensure precision turning. We promise your piano will sound exactly as it should each time you play it.
  • Piano repair:

    Only an expert should perform piano repair in Rhode Island. Our expertise spans all types of repairs, from pad replacement and string tensioning, to dampener problems and damaged action parts. We give your instrument the attention it deserves, ensuring any broken parts are replaced or repaired, and all repairs are properly aligned with your tuning.
  • Piano refurbishing:

    If your piano has suffered neglect or issues as the result of aging, we’ll reverse them. We can handle everything from smoke damage repairs to complete piano rebuilding, regardless of the model. Call us for an evaluation to get an estimate and scope of work. We take pride in bringing any piano back from the brink and turning it into a fixture you’ll love to play.

Piano Tuning Specialist

When you call The Piano Practice for tuning, repairs or refurbishing, you’re getting the benefit of extensive experience and years of formal training. We treat your instrument like the prized possession it is, leaving it in its best possible condition.

To enjoy the best sound, playability and appearance from your piano, contact The Piano Practice today at 401-419-6509 to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about our new and used pianos for sale; plus we have a range of accessories for pianos.

We can’t wait to meet your piano!

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Piano Repair Service in Rhode Island & Massachusetts