Piano Accessories, Players & Covers for Sale in Rhode Island

Beyond the instrument itself, your piano needs the benefit of high-quality piano accessories in Rhode Island. The Piano Practice sells everything you need to play and maintain your instrument to the fullest.

Whether you’re looking for practical accessories like a cover or something like a player system for passive listening, we’re happy to comply.

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  • Piano players:

    We are Certified Technicians, Suppliers and Installers for QRS Music & PianoDisc Player Piano Systems. Installing one of these systems allows you to control your piano from a smart device, having it play the music you love automatically! It’s great for entertaining guests, adding ambiance to your commercial lobby and more.
  • Covers:

    Durable, safe covers are a cornerstone of essential piano supplies in Rhode Island. We bring our customers durable upright covers from Macintosh. Covers keep dust and debris off of your instrument, while protecting it from sunlight, humidity and general wear.
  • Life-Saver Systems:

    Preserving the integrity and longevity of your piano is easy with Life-Saver Systems from Dampp-Chaser. We sell models for grand pianos, as well as vertical players. These systems control humidity within your piano, preserving strings, pads and the general construction. Awell-adjusted Life-Saver System will help your piano play better and sound better for longer.
Piano Accessories, Players & Covers for Sale in Rhode Island

Take Home a Piano

Not only do we carry a range of proven, reputable products from name brands, we’re also certified installers for many of these products, including Piano Life-Saver Systems from Dampp-Chaser.

Looking for other accessories?

We’re happy to point you in the direction of products like pedals, benches, metronomes and much more based on the type of piano you own or play on. We’re also able to recommend brands and specific products to help you get the most out of your piano!

For more information about the products we sell or to get recommendations for accessories that are ideal for your piano, contact The Piano Practice today at 401-419-6509. Don’t forget to ask about our piano repair service in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and piano’s for sale.

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